Oxayoi Mix And Match Universal Modular Car Phone Holder – Mounting/ Bracket

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Bracket: Compact & Light Weight
Bracket: Durable
Bracket: Simple To Use
Bracket: No dismantling of or drilling into dashboard
Bracket: Clips tightly onto the seams of the dashboard for a secure & seamless fit
Bracket: Easily removable with no damage to the vehicle’s interior
Mounting: Compact
Mounting: Durable
Mounting: Flexible enough to hold any branded phone
Mounting: Single Hand Operation
Mounting: Soft and padded
Mounting: Simple to use

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 1 cm
Color Family

OXA-BRK-MR01 (Bracket), OXA-MUT-AM01 (Mounting), OXA-BRK-M002 (Bracket), OXA-BRK-MT01 (Bracket), OXA-BRK-OT01(Bracket), OXA-BRK-OT02 (Bracket), OXA-BRK-POP01 (Bracket), OXA-MUT-C01 (Mounting), OXA-MUT-CDM01 (Mounting), OXA-MUT-FN01 (Mounting), OXA-MUT-FN02 (Mounting), OXA-MUT-RTM01 (Mounting), OXA-MUT-Z01 (Mounting)